The visit to Euston Estate - 2nd October 2023

by Duncan Couper

Posted on Thu, Oct 5, 2023 10:29 AM

The visit to Euston Estate - 2nd October 2023
The weather was kind for our journeys to Euston in Suffolk. Coffee and tea were available on arrival and we were welcomed to Euston by Liveryman Andrew Blenkiron, the Estate Director.

Andrew passed over to Edward Worley, the Estate Archivist, who eloquently set the scene very well so that we could understand the origins of the Dukes of Grafton and their impact upon the country and the countryside; particularly to comprehend the link between Euston Station in London and the estate in Suffolk. We were left in no doubt that Edward had command of his facts, figures and dates!

The trailer tour of the estate was a great success and in a few hours we were able to form a clear idea of the workings of the estate and the long term philosophy behind it. I am sure that the Paulownia plantation was a revelation to many; it will be interesting to see how this develops. The trailer full tour saw the farm, the chalk pit, the reservoir and the ancient woodland.

Ian, the Estate's caterer, provided an excellent lunch - which was very well received.

All in all Euston gave us a wonderful day and an insight on how the Estate operated; thank you for your hospitality.

Christopher Day

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