2022 WCFA Learning Extension Day - encouraging feedback

by Duncan Couper

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Posted on Tue, Dec 13, 2022 11:36 AM

2022 WCFA Learning Extension Day - encouraging feedback

One hundred WCFA members, guests and our partners attended the 2022 WCFA Learning Extension Days - over a day and a half at Loughborough University - for a full programme titled "Insight & inspirations from the wider world". 

The 29th November started with a action packed speed networking event - which made many hoarse shouting over others; followed by a drinks reception and dinner with Amie Burke as our after-dinner speaker. 

The 30th November kicked off with keynote speaker Gareth Timmins, former Royal Marine and author of "Becoming the 0.1% - how to build an elite mindset" - who made many think. Three streams then took place during the day on social media (Tom Martin), the value of mentoring (Nicola Miller) and funnelling great ideas to enhance your business (Sian Gardner & Martin Horton consultants). A debate on "farming's image will only be fixed if we all take responsibility for fixing it ourselves" took place with Charlie Ireland of Ceres Rural; Anna Jones, author of "Divide: the relationship crisis between town and country"; Tom Martin, social media influencer and Jonathan Roberts, director of external affairs for CLA. 

Now the Committee starts planning for 2023 - save the dates of 28th and 29th November. 

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