The WCF Alumni Association

A single network to facilitate the continued development, training and progress of all WCF alumni

What the new WCF Alumni Association offers its members

1. An exclusive, private database of members and mentors

This will include all members of the association, with each member able to manage their own entry in the database online. Plus those members of the Worshipful Company of Farmers prepared to offer mentoring to members of the alumni association. The database will allow WCF Alumni members to search for other members, or groups of members, by course; by year; by industry sector and by geography (or any combination of these criteria).
Password controlled access to the database will be via the WCF website and only available to paid-up members.

2. Mentoring

The database will also include a facility for individual WCF Alumni members and Liverymen of the Worshipful Company of Farmers, to flag their willingness to act as mentors to other members of the WCF Alumni and for members  to indicate that they are seeking mentoring – a sort of mentoring dating app!

3. Annual WCF Alumni - Learning Extension Days

This event will be free to WCF Alumni association members. It will take the form of a one-day and a half practical workshops intended to allow the alumni to meet and mix, to share experiences, as a follow-up to their courses and to continue to develop their personal skill-set, through working sessions, hosted by experts and course tutors from the WCF courses.
The days will also include an opportunity to participate in speed mentoring. The Learning Extension Day will also run a dinner (this will be charged for).

4. Free membership for twelve months for all newly qualified alumni

Annual membership, to cover the cost of administering the association, is £95, this includes a charitable donation of £25 to a fund educational activities and to support potential delegates less able to afford course fees and costs. Alumni receive their membership of the WCF Alumni association free for the year in which they attended a course. Subscriptions become due on an annual basis via Direct Debit Mandate.

5. Reduced price tickets for WCF Events – including the Annual Lecture and Dinner

6. Invitations to participate in further WCF sponsored, training and development

7. A WCF Alumni badge

An exclusive, members only badge, that may be worn at all WCF Alumni and WCF events

The annual subscription is £95 via Direct Debit:

You can read a copy of the Rules of the Association Here
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